2006.05.10 Exploring Indianapolis


The King Boys pulled out of St. Louis by 8:00 and got into Indy around Noon.  Tried to check into the AmeriSuites but they did not have any rooms available.  We thought this was a bad sign.  I decide to change clothes in the parking lot because the t-shirt and shorts I am wearing are not holding up well with the 50 degree temp and brisk wind.

We go to the GM Allison Plant to pick up our Indy Motor Speedway tickets from Curt Vapor.  Nice lobby!

Curt tells us that we just have to eat lunch at a great deli downtown called Shapiro’s.  This place opened in 1905, so the food must be decent.  We somehow miss the resturaunt due to some creative street placement downtown, but eventually get there, and we got to see some of Indy we wouldn’t have ordinarily saw.  Scott and I both got the Reuben.  HUGE and Delicious sandwich.  Dad got a sandwich, side item and dessert, and spent $20.  The place was not cheap, but we can say we’ve been there.


Monument at center of Monument Circle


After lunch, we took off for Monument Circle.  Scott and I climbed the Monument to the top.  It smelled like sweaty people up there.

Next we walked through the State Capital and on over to the NCAA Hall of Champions.  Dad and I reported to the staff that they have misspelled “Oklahoma” in a caption beneath a picture of the September 22, 2001 game between Texas A&M and Oklahoma State.  How do you misspell Oklahoma?  They spelled it “Okalahoma”.  Next time we’re there, we’ll see if they’ve corrected it yet.


Scott and Steve at the NCAA Hall of Champions


We walked right next to the RCA Dome (they’re building a new stadium right next door), and spent some time shopping at a downtown Mall.  Let me tell you, Indianapolis has the nicest downtown you have never heard of.  Lots of great things to see, and things to do, all within easy walking distance.


Scott and Steve with Downtown Indy in background


We ate dinner near our hotel, which was at the Airport, at a place called Indy’s.  The manager seemed very interested in us and spent quite a bit of the meal standing behind Scott trying to talk to us.  It was not until we were paying that Scott realized the man had no teeth.

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