2006.07.06 Planning

For some reason, back in December of 2005, Stephanie and I were inspired to take the kids to Mount Rushmore for our 2006 summer vacation.  It took about 2 minutes to decide on our destination and 6 months to plan the beast.  Well, I may have overplanned but time will tell.

Until you really start researching South Dakota, you would have no earthly idea of how many National Parks, National Monuments, Historic Places and family attractions there are in this state.  It is easy to say that there are a lot of things we just won’t be able to pack into this trip.

The kids are psyched.  They love to be quizzed on things we are going to see and do on the trip.  “Dad, ask me questions about South Dakota!”.  “Okay, name 5 attractions we are going to see on our trip.”  That’s all we need to get a lively evening of dinner conversation started.

The trip has been planned as well as it can be, now it is time for the execution.

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