2007.06.13 The Wedding


Today is the big day. A stretch limousine took the groom and his family to the Disney Yacht Club Resort at 10:00. Scott was quite nervous about making sure that we were all ready on time. To everybody’s surprise, we got out of the house on target. We hung out in the lobby of the hotel, and visited with the Disney wedding planner while the limo left to go get the bride and her family. (The kids congregated around a television set up in the corner of the lobby which showed nonstop Mickey Mouse cartoons.)


Erin and the Violinist


Wedding in the Gazebo


The event kicked off a few minutes before Noon. The minister did a very good job, and there was lots of emotion. The vows were exchanged inside the white gazebo at the Yacht Club. The bride was beautiful, and all the men in the Wedding Party wore pink ties. Erin was accompanied down the aisle by her Dad, and a strolling violinist. (The wedding planner walked alongside the violinist, holding his sheet music.) The violinist also played during the reception. Also at the reception, they had their first dance, and we enjoyed some wedding cake & champagne. The kids spent some of their time hunting down lizards in the nearby bushes.


Erin and her Dad walking down the aisle


The Happy Couple make it official


Check out the Mickey & Minnie Wedding Cake


The girls enjoy some cake in the Gazebo


After the wedding, the entire Wedding Party came back to our Villa for lunch. KK grilled up ribeyes and t-bones to perfection. For dessert, we enjoyed some more wedding cake.


The kids are hunting down some lizards


The Happy Couple departed about 3:45 for their honeymoon in St. Petersburg. Kallie and Adam did a great job of shoe polishing up the getaway car. Enjoy your new life together, Honeymooners!!

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