2008.12.24 Bowl Destination is Announced


The Traveling Kings are big fans of the OSU Cowboys. After missing out on the bowl trip to Phoenix Arizona last year, we were determined to follow the team this year. Much to our delight, the Holiday Bowl in San Diego selected Oklahoma State as one of their teams, along with the University of Oregon. Any day in San Diego is a good day, but especially so when the temperatures are in the 20s in Tulsa.


The tickets are in hand. Let's go to the game!


The extended family will be making this trip and we will caravan in two vehicles to San Diego. Fortunately for us, our route will take us near lots of interesting things to see along the way.

With the quick turnaround between the bowl destination announcement (December 7th) and the date of the game (December 30th), we’re not able to do near as much pre-planning as we normally like to, so we’ll just enjoy the spontaneity that this trip will provide us!

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