2010.07.01 Planning a Trip to Utah

Who would want to spend 12 days and 3,000 miles traveling with their family?  On purpose?  That would be us!

Starting with the summer of 2007, we have enjoyed a summer vacation with my folks and my brother, Scott, and his wife, Erin.  Dad had been hinting around for a while that he would like to take a trip to Utah, and by mid-January, the planning had started in full force.


A shot of my kitchen table on Feb 14th. The planning was underway.


Every time the family would get together since then, the maps would get pulled out, the laptops would get fired up, and we would refine the trip some more.  It was not uncommon for everyone in the room to have their nose buried in a laptop or an iPhone, researching this and that.

Planning a trip by a committee of 9, over a 5 month period, has its twists and turns.  The # of days of the trip would go up and down, destinations and stops would change, and even the members of the traveling party would vary from month to month.

From the start, Dad referred to it as the “Southwest Expedition”.  I love the title, because as you know, a trip can only be as good as its name.  As has become our custom, we also sought out something to memorialize our trip.  Enter the t-shirt.

We created a design and had 9 t-shirts made at Caveman Screenprinting in West Tulsa.  We had used them before, several years ago, and liked their work.  I love doing business with a mom-and-pop operation.  My brother, Scott, and I visited the store in early June and laid out our vision for the t-shirt design with John.  John, who is probably in his 70s, is not only the owner, but the head graphic designer!


John hard at work designing a masterpiece.


Scott showing off our new purchase at Caveman Screenprinting.


Mallory & Marissa model the t-shirt.


As we are set to head out on this trip, we have an itinerary of 12 days and roughly 3,000 miles.   Scott and Erin will be with us for the first five days, then they will have to return to Oklahoma.  The rest of us will continue our tour of the best Rocks that Utah has to offer.

And we will be doing it on purpose.

Long live the family road trip!


4 thoughts on “2010.07.01 Planning a Trip to Utah

  1. Suzy Grooms

    Hi Kings! Your trip sounds like a blast! Have fun , drive safe and keep everyone posted!

    PS. congrats on your St. Louis Marathon and 1/2 marathon finish! Great accomplishment!

    Suzy, Greg, Tyler and Lindsay

  2. Vickie Williams

    You all be safe and have a great time! Love the t-shirts! We got our family reunion t-shirts at Caveman a couple of years ago and they really do good work! I’ll keep checking on your blog!

  3. Jenny Beatie

    Day 1 of getting the mail and checking on flowers complete. Nothing exciting to report. Anxious to read about Pops and the Big Texan….

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